Education & Attainment

This project has successfully mitigated, if not closed, the gap between the richest and poorest sections of the community by opening doors to jobs, resources, skills and higher education. . 63% of the pupils who were benefiting from MGRP’s food, clothing and supplies bank in 2019 have now found themselves in a position to be able to donate food and school stationery supplies or their valuable time to MGRP and other charities operating in Marks Gate. 95.8% of the adolescent girls currently benefiting from MGRP’s Community Based Education Program have reported being better able to cope and take action against violence that they may be experiencing or witnessed at home or within their family environment. 92% of the pupils that have joined MGRP’s tutoring sessions so far have reported an increase in self-esteem, better attendance at school and progressive detachment from anti-social behaviour both at school and within their home environment. By increasing access to education, MGRP has not only equalised the local community, but also improved the overall socio-economic health and longevity of the neglected Marks Gate Community and surrounding areas