Interfaith Harmony and Interfaith Walk

The interfaith harmony and inter-faith walk projects have significantly promoted cultural peace in the Marks Gate and surrounding areas. Post event surveys have shown that residents are able to dispel basic misunderstandings through the multicultural education and awareness raised via the project. Residents feel a lot more comfortable making new relationships with community members of different beliefs - both at an individual, collective and institutional level. Islamophobic hate, anti-semitic sentiments, and feelings of hate directed towards the sikh turban, the muslim headscarf and beard have all reduced in Marks Gate and surrounding areas - with residents feeling safer using public spaces such as parks, public footpaths, bus stops, shops and leisure centres especially whilst being culturally dressed or culturally presented. Hindu women have felt less anxious to wear a bindi in public and have not been scoffed at for wearing the red sindoor in their parting hair line. Feedback from residents indicates that respectful interfaith discussions on sensitive topics have helped them understand and respect various cultural values such as - modesty dress codes, prayer timings, dietary requirements and values around gender mixing and physical contact with the opposite gender such as shaking hands or a greeting kiss.