The Gardening Project

The Gardening Project has encouraged residents to grow their own organic produce and eat healthy. Children are able to make healthy choices whilst still loving what they eat. Through gardening, residents have made new friends and this has reduced social isolation amongst residents in Marks Gate. Many residents with mental health illnesses or eating disorders have found gardening extremely therapeutic towards their feelings of depression, loneliness, irritability and social anxiety. Elderly have found gardening in the allotments a constructive experience to maintain their independence and prevent cognitive decline. 98% of regular attendees to our gardening project have felt that gardening has improved their hand strength, motor-neurone agility in the finger and shoulder area and built uap their self-esteem. Our gardening project has fostered intergenerational relationships based on empathy and compassion wherein the elderly have teamed up with the youth and children to share their experiences, wisdom and gardening tips. Elderly in a local retirement home in Marks Gate have felt that regular gardening has helped them achieve a boost of vit D to keep their bones, muscles and immune system healthy. Some children in Marks Gate had been referred to gardening to help alleviate autoimmune allergies such as hives, urticaria and angioedema. Many children in social care have found gardening as a means to find new opportunities for bonding with family and friends.